Digital Empowerment

as a competitive advantage.

People need to understand the potential of digital tools and technologies first, so that simpler work processes, better customer relationships or new business models become possible.

With talent::digital, your employees become fit for digital change. At the same time, you gain valuable insights to safely manage the entire process.

talent digital report für firmen über die mitarbeiter


makes digital change controllable.

Where does your company stand in the digital competence comparison? How are individual teams or departments developing? With our management cockpit, you can analyse your company’s level of digitalisation and receive important recommendations for optimising your digital strategy. For secure decisions in real time.


for everyday professional life.

Similar to a series, talent::digital consists of different seasons.
Each season consists of individual episodes that follow a certain focus.
focus. For example: process automation,
data protection or cloud computing. An episode has a playing time
of 5-20 minutes. This makes it easy to develop digital
in between. By the way, also on the smartphone.

Would you like to train your own topics? No problem.
Do you need individual adaptations? Feel free to contact us.

talent digital schreibt Datenschutz groß


we write big.

All data is stored in accordance with the strictest provisions of the DSGVO. Personal reports can only be viewed by the players themselves. Results are aggregated to such an extent that they cannot be traced back to individuals. The works council also likes this much care.

This offers


One platform. Many possibilities.

With talent::digital, digital competences can be developed in a playful way. An integrated management cockpit provides valuable analysis data to safely manage digital change. Suitable training offers can be booked via our qualification marketplace.

Optimised personnel development

talent::digital improves the quality of training measures based on scientifically valid data information and thus contributes to reducing training costs.

Train own topics.

Your own game episode on 5G or data security? No problem! talent::digital can be flexibly adapted. Even your own training partners can be integrated.

No installation. No maintenance.

talent::digital is a cloud-based empowerment platform. Updates and extensions are automatically imported. Without interrupting business operations.

Shaping digital change.

Playfully simple digital.