Bring your company with digital skills to a new level!

Whether basic digital knowledge or topics such as cloud computing, digital sales and cyber security: we have the ideal solution to take your company into the digital future.

What does talent::digital offer me?

Our digital empowerment platform is an individual all-in-one solution for all companies, administrations and organisations. Based on valid measurement data, the status quo is analysed at all levels and you receive an offer with tailored measures. 

With our data-driven empowerment, you can optimise your corporate strategy in real time.

Easy digital success in three steps:

Competence measurement

Test and measure all digital skills in an exciting serious game.


Understand digital competences through the analysis of results and derive strategies.

Improve digital skills

Receive customised offers from selected providers and close knowledge gaps.

Serious Game

Data-driven Empowerment meets DigComp 2.1 Based on the European Framework for Digital Literacy, we have developed a serious game in episode format on different and customisable topics. In line with future digital developments, new episodes are constantly being created. The serious game provides valid data on the digital knowledge and skills of the users.

Analysis in the Management Cockpit

Based on the data from the game, we create the analyses – broken down into the different areas of competence. We distinguish between the personal match report and the data-driven management cockpit for corporate decision-makers.

Qualification marketplace

Based on personal learning outcomes, individual self-learning content and certified further training are offered. Internal or external further training offers can be integrated without any problems. The qualifications are oriented towards the competence areas of DigComp 2.1.

Get started right away!

Thanks to the cloud solution, you can start straight away without any installation effort and
benefit from the highest security standards for your data.

Fast onboarding

Uncomplicated onboarding thanks to self-explanatory cloud-based usage. We'll show you the first steps and you can get started straight away!

Free support

If you have any questions or problems, we are at your disposal. Call our support and we will solve the matter together with you!

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